Pastor Donald Dermit

Pastor Donald has become a trusted leader and spokesman within the community working to eradicate homelessness. He currently serves on the board of the Orange County Continuum of Care, Federal Judge David Carter’s ad-hoc committee, and chairs the Shelter Provider Forum. He also is the lead pastor over the homeless ministry at The Rock church in Anaheim, CA.    

Leadership Team

Frank Codispoti

Frank has held a variety of senior sales, marketing, technology, and management positions throughout his 42-year career. He spent 22 of those years in telecommunications and IT systems development. In his later years, Frank developed global IT systems and media broadcasting for Fortune 100 companies and helped them leverage technology in order to improve efficiencies while reducing operating costs. 

Joey Renert

Joey was a former disaster recovery specialist for the United Nations. His mission was to establish shelter, food, sanitation and satisfy the personal clothing and hygiene needs for tens of thousands of tsunami and other natural disaster victims. His expertise was used to orchestrate the efforts of multiple layers of both in and out of country resources.