About Us


Mission Statement


Our mission is to dramatically reduce homelessness. We do that by providing personal assessments and referrals, with measurable and cohesive case management, using modern supply-chain technology that holds public and private resource providers accountable. We deliver this through a proprietary interconnected cloud-based system that cost-effectively accelerates the successful transformation of the homeless into productive members of society while tracking and reporting results.

Pastor Donald Dermit has been passionately involved in delivering and ministering to the needs of the homeless for over 10 years. His hands-on experience in the field has made him a trusted leader and spokesman within the community of service providers working to eradicate homelessness. His positions of leadership include: Director of homeless outreach ministry for the Rock Church in Anaheim; Homeless consultant to local church leadership; Board member of the Orange County Continuum of Care (CoC); CoC Ad-hoc committee addressing the quality of shelter methods and standards; Chairs of the Orange County Homeless Provider Forum; City of Placentia Homeless Advisory board; and the Personal direct advisor to Federal Judge David Carter on homelessness.

Frank Codispoti manages operations for HHU. He has held a variety of senior sales, marketing, and management positions throughout his 42-year business career. He spent 22 years in telecommunications co-developing global enterprise network and training systems, business process automation solutions, business continuity strategies and developed global IT and multimedia broadcast and training systems for Fortune 100 companies. He has executed successful B2B sales strategies that have consistently met or exceeded forecasted expectations. Frank has developed, trained, and managed sales organizations, and has served as a sales and marketing consultant to government agencies and the private sector.