About us

Helping HandUps (HHU) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that takes a revolutionary approach to the rehabilitation and restoration of homeless and at-risk individuals and families. We are committed to transforming the poor and homeless into productive members of society while reunifying them with their family, friends, and the community at large.


HHU will operate an intervention center and integrated referral system that coordinates and facilitates existing service provider resources in real-time to efficiently and quickly deliver critical services to homeless individuals and families. Our model includes specialized system integration and triage intervention and care facilities that will be the foundation of our holistic approach to addressing the needs of the homeless.


Helping HandUps is a proud board member of the Orange County Continuum of Care

Board, and leads the partnership of housing ministries that form the  Shelter Committee, Orange County's Homeless Provider Forum, as well as other state or local public and private agencies. Helping HandUps is part of the Ad Hoc committee to end homelessness led by Federal Judge David Carter which includes the District Attorney’s office, Orange County Health, Cal Optima, and the County Board of Supervisors. We work with a variety of other non-profit organizations that share our passion to end homelessness as we know it today.


Helping HandUps endeavors to build a cooperative network of resources through technology and relationships in order to achieve a higher success rate of rehabilitation and restoration of homeless and at-risk individuals and families to society. We believe that every person who truly desires to get off the street should be empowered and encouraged to do so.


We welcome your support through your prayers and donations.