About Us

Mission Statement


To facilitate and provide comprehensive services to reduce homelessness for underserved adults,  youth, families and transform them into productive members of society.


Executive Summary


Helping HandUps (HHU) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that takes a unique approach to fostering the rehabilitation of homeless individuals and families. Currently, homeless service providers take a narrow approach to rehabilitation and do not holistically track rehabilitation results. According to a point in time

study on January 2019 by HUD, 24% of the total population of the homeless demonstrate patterns of chronic homelessness. Out of this group, 65% were living on the street, in a car, or in other locations not meant for human habitation.[1] Due to the lack of coordination and accountability, many homeless who accept shelter or other means of support find themselves homeless again. Our industry-leading solution creates a triage approach by assembling service providers to address the client’s immediate needs while tracking effectiveness.


HHU has developed a proprietary software system called Support-Net™.  This system enables us to leverage and manage public and private resources available to the homeless.  This cloud-based system is a supply chain management, assessment, evaluation, and ongoing tracking system that measures results in real-time.  Support-Net™ leverages public and private resources available to the homeless. We accomplish this by automating our ability to determine program eligibility, then pre-reserve and assign the appropriate resources to support the client at the moment most needed.  With this system and our decades of experience, we can accelerate the relocation of homeless individuals and families off the street, and into a customized restoration and recovery plan.


Support Net data collected from the homeless clients drive each phase caseworkers and resource providers take to rehabilitate clients successfully. Moreover, data collected through Support Net allows all caseworkers to determine appropriate actions and make them accountable for their success or failure. Through the accountability and reporting that Support-Net provides, we can facilitate funding towards the most effective programs impacting the reduction of chronically homeless individuals living on the street. The data collected through Support-Net allow caseworkers from multiple agencies to both provide support while being held accountable for their role in a client’s rehabilitation.


With this system and our depth of experience in the field, we will be able to expand into a national footprint of HHU locations. We are currently demonstrating proof of concept at the county level in Southern California, with plans to establish city-based teams that will continue to support rehabilitation efforts that address the needs of the chronically homeless.


[1] https://endhomelessness.org/homelessness-in-america/who-experiences-homelessness/chronically-homeless/ as of 2/27/2021



Our Board of Directors

Pastor Donald Dermit has been passionately involved in delivering and ministering to the needs of the homeless for over 10 years. His hands-on experience in the field has made him a trusted leader and spokesman within the community of service providers working to eradicate homelessness. His positions of leadership include: Director of homeless outreach ministry for the Rock Church in Anaheim; Homeless consultant to local church leadership; Board member of the Orange County Continuum of Care (CoC); CoC Ad-hoc committee addressing the quality of shelter methods and standards; Chairs of the Orange County Homeless Provider Forum; City of Placentia Homeless Advisory board; and the Personal direct advisor to Federal Judge David Carter on homelessness.

Frank Codispoti manages operations for HHU and has held a variety of senior sales, marketing, and management positions throughout his 42-year business career.  He spent 22 years in telecommunications and IT systems development.  In his later years, he developed global IT systems and media broadcasting for Fortune 100 companies and helped them leverage technology in order to improve efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

Joey Renert leads our shelter and care development. His expertise spans five continents and includes Olympic Village management for over 15,000 temporary international residents; directing shelter, food, and hygiene services in emergency camps for the United Nations following catastrophic disasters; administering HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment goals for the U.S. Government in Zambia; and supervising job/life skills training for low-income youth in Orange County, California.